I’ve been listening to audiobooks since the 80′s. In those days they were on cassettes…remember them? In those days and still today, I enjoy being able to ‘read’ …okay, listen to an audiobook while I’m doing something else; drive – it’s a great way to make a commute productive, exercise – takes the mind off the treadmill pain, gardening, mowing the lawn…. here are some other past-times that audiobook advocates list as their favorite places to consume an audiobook:

  •  knitting
  •  washing dishes
  • folding clothes
  • straightening my hair
  • walking / jogging


Now audiobooks are not for everyone, but according to the Audio Publishers Association, unit sales in 2010 are up nearly ten percent, the total number of audiobooks published has doubled from 3,073 in 2007 to 6200 in 2010, and the estimated total size of the audiobook industry hit $1 billion in sales for the first time.

While the number of titles published as audiobooks doubled in the past three years, the audiobook market remains significantly underserved. There were 6200 audiobooks published in 2010, compared to an estimated 100,000 print titles released. In addition, not all audiobooks are available in all formats (CD/download), further limiting availability.

Add in the convenience and mobility of audiobooks loaded onto cell phones, iPods, and other portable devices, and the industry finally seems poised to come of age. If you are an author or publisher, can you afford to ignore this growing market?

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