What is a Podcast?

A podcast is simply a media file distributed via the internet. You can think of it as an on-line, on-demand radio show.Not everyone with earphones in is listening to music - Podcasts provide information

Podcasts and podcasting are terms that are now in general usage but it’s still far from being a mainstream media. That said, listener-ship for popular programs are loyal, and it’s an effective way to develop a close relationship with your customers through the use of spoken-word audio or video content.

Not everyone with earphones in their ears is listening to music!

Benefits of Podcasting

USANZ extended marketing produces several podcast programs that assist with promoting organizations through special interests, and we can assist with producing a program dedicated to your specific area of business. Developing and distributing your own podcast  can benefit your business in several ways:

  • It helps position you and your business as an authority on your area of business. The relationships developed through spoken-word media allow people see you as the expert or a leader in the field and, as a result, when journalists are looking for a comment on that subject they are likely to call the expert – You!  Podcasts are a gateway to broader media exposure.
  • Podcasts can help build customer loyalty. By providing helpful information and involving customers in your conversations, you enhance their relationship with the business and they become advocates who share that experience with their networks. Loyalty is built through extending the spoken-word relationships and loyalty rises as a result.
  • Podcasts help expand your message to alternate audiences. One key benefit of spoken-word media is the ability to consume it whenever, and wherever the listener wants to; while driving, exercising, walking, whenever the body is busy, but the mind is free. Avid podcast and audiobook listeners seek new channels of information and entertainment all the time. With strategic exposure and content you can attract an audience and client base through podcasting that may not be possible through other channels.
We are always interested in developing new programs for businesses that fit within our current portfolio or to help you forge new markets. Contact us to discuss how we can make podcasting work for you and your business.


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