Regardless of your motivation for publishing a blog, you write to serve your audience because they have an interest in what you Human voice contenthave to say, and you have the passion to tell the story. Podcasting, with spoken-word audio is another way to take your existing content and:

  • Expand your audience,
  • Enable your audience to consume your content while doing something else, and
  • Connect to your audience in an alternate and more personal way

Almost one in three American’s have listened to Podcasts, and one in six have listened in the last 30 days according to Podcast Market Research in May of 2012. Many people prefer to consume information of interest via spoken-word audio, rather than having to sit in front of a device and read. Podcasting provides a way to get your message to these consumers, expanding your audience.

Podcasting is portable. Even though you can listen to podcast programs sitting at the computer via your web-browser the biggest advantage is that you can take the content with you and listen when and where it suits you best. iPods and other portable players capture the program and make it available for listening regardless of where you are.

Services like Sticher bring true portability by directly delivering your program direct to iPhones, iPads, Android Phones and other devices.

But probably the most compelling reason to consider the spoken-word, podcast medium is the human factor. “There is great value in using a human voice when communicating and developing good relationships with the public,” Hyojung Park, a doctoral candidate at the Missouri School of Journalism, said as part of her study into the Use of Human Voice in Social Media Can Help Organizations Build Relationships .

“Perceptions of relationships with an organization seem to be significantly more favorable when the organization’s social networking page has a human presence rather than an organizational presence. Levels of trust, commitment, and satisfaction from users all appear to be positively affected by the use of the human voice in social media” says Park. In addition, “Communicating in a human voice adds a sense of personal and sociable human contact to the interaction with the public”.

Read the University of Missouri study: Use of Human Voice in Social Media Can Help Organizations Build Relationships



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