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Taranaki has long been a hub of creativity, imagination and innovation, so what better place to host an international creativity gathering in March 2013?

New Plymouth-based creativity expert Wayne Morris of Future Edge is seeking interest in holding a creative gathering in Taranaki modeled on similar international events, and designed to bring some of the leading figures in creativity to the region.

“Creativity is everywhere in Taranaki. Our farming, engineering and creative industries are some of the most innovative in the world. Our arts communities are as vibrant as any in New Zealand. The Taranaki environment has lots to offer, and it’s the perfect place to host the first of this type of event in New Zealand,” says Wayne.

Titled “At the Creative Edge,” the proposed event will be held on the three days leading into WOMAD 2013, ensuring the best of Taranaki can be showcased to international visitors. It will be marketed both nationally and internationally, and seek to become a regular addition to Taranaki’s events calendar.

“It’s about making sure creativity and the creative process is recognised, celebrated and enhanced. Without exercise creativity wanes, and the value of creativity to our businesses, teachers, thinkers and doers is in danger of being lost,” Wayne says.

“This event is important to make sure creativity is celebrated and enhanced as a resource for personal, business and community progress.”

At this stage the event is in the concept phase, and Wayne is looking to gather a team of experts and enthusiasts to work through both the viability and the logistics of such an event.

“The idea is there, the international model is there and the audience is there. Now all that’s needed is people to help me make it happen – big thinkers, detail thinkers, designers, money people, networkers – creativity doesn’t discriminate.”

If you’re keen to help make this happen right here in Taranaki then contact Wayne to register your interest or availability on 06 753 5914 or email

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