The table below shows the independent authors that we have assisted by producing their audiobooks.

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Lew Sauder:

Consulting 101: 101 Tips for Success in Consulting

Lew Sauder

Consulting 101: 101 Tips for Success in Consulting

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Lew Sauder has been a consultant with top-tier and boutique consulting firms for over seventeen years.

He has also served as an IT Manager outside of consulting as a client manager for five years of his career where he sat on the other side of the desk, hiring and managing consulting firms.

This is Lew’s first book and we are proud to have been able to narrate and produce the audiobook.

To assist with promoting the book, Lew and Jeff Porter co-host a weekly podcast entitled:

Consulting and Professional Services Radio –

Michael Sampson:

SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration

Michael Sampson

SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration: Using SharePoint to Enhance Business Collaboration

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Michael Sampson is a Collaboration Strategist who advises end-user organizations around the world on Strategies for Making Collaboration Work.

His focus areas are Culture, Governance, and Adoption.

This was Michael’s first self-published book and we enjoyed working with him to produce the audiobook version.

Niamh Ni Bhroin:

The Singing Warrior

Niamh Ni Bhroin-Jo Parfit

The Singing Warrior: Finding Happiness After a Life Filled with Pain and Abuse

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This is a story of survival. It is a story of hope.

Niamh was raped inside a wardrobe by the father of a school friend when she was just nine-years-old.

An Irish catholic, growing up in Dublin, the nuns called her a Whore of Babylon because she was left-handed. And so began a life of abuse.

Niamh is a woman who copes, who gets on with things and who knows how to rise above her past – that is until it resurfaces and becomes an obstacle to the happiness she knows she deserves.

This is Niamh’s autobiographical tale narrated by the author.

David J. Scarlett:

The Soul Millionaire

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Aged 28, David J Scarlett was broke, homeless, desperate. Yet, thanks to chance introductions to mentors and new friends… he turned his life around, repaid over £100,000 of debt, and became a respected Financial Adviser and Business Coach.

Today, David inspires others to become ‘Soul Millionaires’ through his programmes, books, products and consultancy.

This book is a fictional account of the rags-to-riches story – riches that are not confined to money alone, and that can only be defined as ‘True Wealth’.

Aditi Chopra

Ten Mistakes a Manager Should Avoid

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Aditi Chopra is a process consultant, creative writer and an inspiring leader.Aditi has managed both software engineering and software operation teams during her career. Her experience comes from managing both junior as well as senior employees.




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