Audiobooks are the bomb, though. For reals y’all. If you spend more than 10 minutes in your car at a time (e.g. on your commute), you can spend that time “reading.” Need a distraction for your workout? For cleaning the house? For engaging in your hobby of choice (e.g. knitting or putting together puzzles)? Audiobooks are a great way to work reading into your daily life, without having to sit down and dedicate a chunk of time to that task alone.

This is a great article from Erika at about audiobooks. Audiobook pricing is all over the place and I’m sure major retailers like are experimenting to find that swwet spot that maximises sales…or maybe profit.

My observation is that audiobook pricing is typicaly less than the printed price (which is extremely good value when you think about the level of work required to professionally produce an audiobook) but higher than the Kindle price for the same book. If you are a regular listener of audiobooks you are defintely much better off subscribing to one of their montly plans which provides a number of ‘credits’ per montsh that ou can redeem for audiobooks – generally one credit per book.






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