The quality of audiobooks adds another dimension to the ‘reading’ experience. Not only do you have to consider the content and writing style as you do with the written version, but the manner in which the content is presented also comes into play.

At the bottom of the acceptance scale is the stilted, mechanical sounding and monotonic voice of text-to-speech processing such as with Kindle e-books with Speech enabled feature.

A human narrator provides a performace of the work, even for non-fiction works, a narrator provides a feeling, emphasis and pacing to the book. Factors such as accent, style, pronunciation and a plethora of other variables come into play that are subjective and open to personal interpretation, but it’s important for the author to select a narrator that suits their writing style and the book.

Beyond the narration is production value, it takes approximately 5 hours of work for each hour of finished audio. Some of this is due to re-takes because of narration mistakes, but other production and editing includes the removal of lip-smacks, breath noises, checking of narration accuracy and so forth.

We pride ourselves on professional, accurate narrators, quality studio production and high quality finished product.

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