Hi, I’m Jeff Porter, I’ve been a long-time advocate of spoken word audio content in the interest of being able to listen and learn while you do something else; Work, exercise, commute etc. I started listening to cassettes back in the eighties, CD’s in the 90’s and of course now it’s so much easier to download and listen using a portable device such as an iPod or to listen on the computer.

I work alone most of the time and Audible.com is my sanity saver. I’ve been a Platinum subscriber of Audible for many years and I enjoy two or three books per month at great prices, but every now and then I’ll strike a book that I can’t get on Audible. I can listen to it on my Kindle, and as much as I admire the Text-to-Speech technology, it’s just not the same as listening to a good narrator.

Many excellent books are produced by independent authors and small publishers that aren’t able, or aren’t initially interested in producing an audiobook version…so I thought wouldn’t it be great if we could audiblize some of this existing work.

USANZ Extended Marketing now works with independent authors and small publishers to narrate, produce and help market their work through popular online retailers like Audible.com

Please look around, and of course if you are an author or publisher of non-fiction works, I’d like to hear from you —> Contact me             Let your Work Be Heard!

A little more about me here as well: –> http://www.ausmerica.com/blog/about/